The best way to build a lawyer’s website…JUSTIA

I just had to say thank you to my friends at Justia. Their founder founded FINDLAW, and then went on to build law firm websites. I built my original website back in 1995 and personally maintained it until 2006. Last year, I decided to turn the reigns over to Justia. It was one of the best marketing decisions I ever made. Justia is not cheap nor for the faint of heart. But I will tell you that I recouped my investment in the first case that I got through my website that Justia created. I got that case within two weeks of my new website from Justia going live. I have obtained over 50 other cases from it ever since.
It absolutely pays to have a company that understands lawyers and law firms create your website. Without a website today, your firm might as well be operating out of a mini-van. Justia gave me great ideas about modifying my website and presence. They also optimized my website and presence. They understand Google and how it works. I recently bought a few books on Search Engine Optimization and frankly, I am a far better lawyer than computer guru. It just makes sense to turn a project as important as one’s cyber presence over to professionals. I could not be happier that I had selected Justia.
Thank you, Justia. I can honestly say that I am thankful to pay my annual subscription fees to you because I know that I will get a great return on this investment as well.
P.S. This is not a paid advertisement for Justia. Nor do I get a discount or a referral fee. I am simply passing on to you, my blog follower, a massively great marketing tip.

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