no…its better to receiver from the Receiver

In the last few months, I have drafted dozens and dozens of Motions for a Receiver over debtors who have failed to satisfy the judgments that I have obtained against them.  This effort has been an inordinate success.  Indeed, just last week, I obtained a receiver over a debtor, that I will call Mr. X.  It turns out that Mr. X has several accounts at a well known brokerage house.  Now that I have a receiver appointed over Mr. X, its a simple matter of having the receiver take the funds out of Mr. X’s accounts to satisfy the $200,000 that he owes to my client.

I have also found that having a receiver, in many instances, is enough to convince a debtor to pay a judgment voluntarily. 

I have been asking the various courts to appoint Franklin Gettleson, who is a well respected attorney and a certified public accountant.  The courts, without hesitation, have all been agreeable.  I highly recommend this collection technique.  Its effective and will get your money collected.

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