A debt collector thankful to the FTC

The Battle Creek Inquirer reports about a scam that certain group of companies have run on our Spanish speaking populations. It seems that Tono Records, dba Tono Music and Professional Legal Services, Tono Publishing, Promo Music, Millennium Three Corp., Dulce Ugalde, Luis Roberto Ruiz, and Maria Oceguera, all based in Los Angeles County, California.
advertised “free” English courses for the simple price of shipping and handling which fees ranged from $100- $160. These scum bags would then dun their customers for several hundreds of dollars and threaten them with jail to collect non existent debt.
Thankfully, the Federal Trade Commission acted swiftly and obtained an injunction against these companies and froze their assets for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I hope the FTC is successful in putting these pieces of garbage out of business.
Yeah, I am a debt collector and feel very strongly about this case. Its not an issue involving illegal vs. legal immigration. It involves a U.S. based company taking advantage of immigrants who may not be aware of their rights, by threats and intimidation. I am very thankful that our government has a department such as the FTC to see that these cowardly and greedy predators are all put out of business.

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