Creditor’s rights in bankruptcy

When a debtor files for bankrutpcy, I know enough to be mildly dangerous. However, when the bankruptcy gets messy, complicated and/or ugly, I bring in other counsel like Mark Shapiro, Tracy Clark or Stuart Gold. These guys are, as far as I am concerned, absolute gurus in bankruptcy. It’s kinda funny that on some cases, they work with me and on other cases, we are on opposite sides of the table. Which is why it was really cool today that I was contacted by Dean Kirby, Jr. He is a collection attorney (quite well credentialed) that has a niche market in pursuing creditors rights in the bankruptcy court.
I looked at Kirby’s blog and was very impressed with it. He writes about bankruptcy law from a creditor’s perspective. His blog has a lot of very good and useful information for collection attorneys around the country.
Nice blog, Kirby. I am your newest subscriber,

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