What in hell is wrong with collection agencies these days??

I am a collection attorney. I represent collection agencies…most of the time. Last month, I filed three lawsuits against three different collection agencies for blatently ignoring the FDCPA. I don’t file frivolous lawsuits. These collection agencies egregiously violated the FDCPA. For example, one agency’s collector threatened ME with legal action that she could not take. When I informed her that she violated the FDCPA for threatening to turn a $500 debt into a $3,000 debt after judgment, I did not sue this agency. After firing off a nasty letter to the agency, they cancelled my client’s debt. I also had a long conversation with agency owners about how to training their collectors on the stricturs of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Another agency out of New York was pointedly told by my client to not contact her at work anymore. Did they listen? Nooooooooo. I sued them. Did they pay my client $1,000 in damages, plus costs and my attorneys’ fees? Yeeeeessss. Are they going to think twice before contacting her again? I would tend to think so. Mind you, these cases make vey little money for our firm. These cases are more in the nature of pro bono. We file these lawsuits to “fight the good fight.” There is a large number of collection agencies that take the time to train their collectors properly. Unfortunately, there appears to be a growing number of agencies that like to simply run rough shod over debtors. The collectors at these poorly run agencies give our profession a bad name and reputation.
Lets face it. Without debt collectors, you would not have the marvelous credit card in your wallet. Credit would only be granted on a heavily secured basis, if at all. Imagine a world with little credit and you should picture yourself living in a cave.
I have never filed so many FDCPA actions in such a short period of time. But beware, just because I am a collection attorney and usually represent creditors and collection agencies doesn’t mean that I will sit on the sidelines while collectors misuse their telephones and positions of authority to mistreat people. Today, more people than ever are falling on hard times. I am seeing more and more people that have had jobs for the past several years losing these jobs and their life savings. Yes, I collect debts for a living, but I will not ever treat a debtor disrespectfully. Indeed, I will step in and defend anyone who is bullied at the hands of a debt collector.
I am sure that some of my collection agency clients will care for this post. To those who may not like my position on FDCPA abuses, I can only say “Too bad… Train your staff to treat debtors as human beings and accord them the respect and rights that Congress has told you to under the FDCPA and then we will have no problem.” If you need help training your staff on FDCPA strictures, just call me. I will set up an appointment with you and get your staff trained and flying right. A little common sense and courtesy will avoid a great deal of issues under the Act.
If you have a problem with a debt collector or a collection agency, call me. I am a debt collector and I speak their language. It may be that I can get your problem handled with a telephone call or a letter. Who better to fight your fight with a collection agency than a collection attorney?

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