A better way to collect….show respect to your customers

This time of year, I am pleasantly reminded of our office wide directive to treat debtors as our customers. Over the years, I have seen debt collectors use old school techniques of yelling at debtors and threatening them with legal action amongst other things. I have also seen debt collectors treat debtors with respect and courtesy as we would use with our clients. Many years ago, I came to the conclusion that there is little difference between our clients and their debtors. We talked to both of them with the same degree of courtesy and respect. The difference in collection results is astounding. Treating people kindly as if you were talking with your family member results in larger collections and frankly, a greater commitment by debtors to satisfy your client’s obligation.
I also found that by giving debtors a break by allowing them to miss a payment or two, (as long as they call in advance) buys you the kind of goodwill from the debtor that a debt collector cannot get through threats and intimidation. On larger balances, we like to “partner” with our debtors to get an obligation paid off or otherwise satisfied in a fashion that makes everyone feel good about the deal.
I only tell you this because many of the cards and a few of the holiday gifts that my office receives this time of year, come from our debtors. That makes me feel very very good about what we do and how we do it. I am passing this along to you because in these hard economic times, everyone needs a break and a little kindness goes a long way.
While I may have put this post under Debt Collection Tricks and Traps on my blog, it is really neither a trick nor a trap. Its just good business to treat people with respect. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t find a better category for this post.

Moral of the Story:
Don’t wait until the holiday season to give a debtor a break. Treat debtors as respectfully as you treat your clients. A little kindness, understanding and respect to consumers, especially this year and going into the next year, will go a long way to benefit your client, the debtor and you.

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