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FTC takes aim at lawyers and law firms with its new “Red Flag” rules

Gary Nitzkin July 7th, 2009 Comments Off

On May 11, 2009, I wrote a blog post about the FTC’s new Red Flag rules. These rules require prospective lenders to develop policies and procedures to identify identity theft. Sounds like a good idea, right? Sure…right up until the FTC said that these Red Flag Rules apply to lawyers and law firms as well. [...]

FTC renders an advisory opinion as to what happens when the FDCPA runs afoul of the FCRA

Gary Nitzkin July 2nd, 2009 Comments Off

The Federal Fair Trade Commission just issued an advisory opinion to the American Collectors Association. In that opinion, the FTC answered the question, what is a collector supposed to do when a debtor sends in a cease and desist communication letter to a collector while, at the same time, disputing an item on his credit [...]

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