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The dangers of credit reporting to collection agencies

Gary Nitzkin April 30th, 2007 Comments Off

I just read a very interesting opinion by Judge Cleland in the case of Purnell v Arrow Financial, 2007 U.S. Dist Lexis 7630 (Decided Feb 2007). The collection agency defendant reported a debt that was disputed by the consumer to Equifax over a period of several months. The court held that each of these reportings [...]

Consumers’ demand for verification of debt does NOT have to be in writing

Gary Nitzkin April 28th, 2007 Comments Off

Collection agencies and collectors – BE VERY CAREFUL. An unpublished opinion from from the United States District Court from the Northern District of Ohio called Jerman v Carlisle, McNellie et al at 2006 U S Dist LEXIS 85339 held that a debtor’s demand for verification of the debt does not have to be in writing [...]

Creditor’s rights in bankruptcy

Gary Nitzkin April 22nd, 2007 Comments Off

When a debtor files for bankrutpcy, I know enough to be mildly dangerous. However, when the bankruptcy gets messy, complicated and/or ugly, I bring in other counsel like Mark Shapiro, Tracy Clark or Stuart Gold. These guys are, as far as I am concerned, absolute gurus in bankruptcy. It’s kinda funny that on some cases, [...]

I can’t stand it anymore…I gotta say something

Gary Nitzkin April 20th, 2007 Comments Off

A friend of mine got into deep trouble with his credit cards last year…$100,000 worth of trouble on 2 credit cards (my friends, this is not at typo). He was pursued by American Express for $50,000 and another company. I settled these cases for about $5,000 each (again…this is not a typo). Here is the [...]

Statute of Limitations – is not necessarily a case killer

Gary Nitzkin April 16th, 2007 Comments Off

My colleauge, Jonathan Stein, writes a very interesting blog at, albeit from a debtor’s perspective. In his blog, Mr. Stein talks about the Statute of Limitations and how to prove it. In his blog, he raises a good point. A debtor who can prove that a debt is out of statute, can escape liability [...]

The ugly truths about medical debt

Gary Nitzkin April 9th, 2007 Comments Off

My colleague, Michael Herin, writes a very good blog about debt collection. Mr. Herin, recently wrote about the ugly truths of medical debt His blog post is very interesting and I highly recommend it, although I only disagree with him on one issue. Mr. Herin states that if a patient has insurance, that it is [...]

Don’t take advice from the angry and ignorant

Gary Nitzkin April 7th, 2007 Comments Off

I just read a blog post on Arcamax from a William Gallas regarding collection agency intimidation. He gives advise on how to handle a collection agency or law firm that, in my opinion, is simply going to get an uninformed debtor into trouble. For example, he states that you can stop a collection agency from [...]

Are stay bond caps coming to Michigan?

Gary Nitzkin April 4th, 2007 Comments Off

An interesting article in the National Law Journal of March 26, 2007 talks about five states that have instituted caps on stay bonds for defendants who appeal their cases. A stay bond is an amount of money that a losing party must post with the trial court so that if the defendant loses the appeal, [...]

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