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Protecting those who protect us and our country

Gary Nitzkin September 11th, 2006 No Comments

Today, I was hired by a new client to collect a judgment that he obtained against a contractor. Nothing real unusual about this situation except that the client is fairly young man. I would say in his late 20s. He was in Iraq protecting our country when some sleaze bag contractor took advantage of his [...]

FDCPA Class Action certified against NY Law Firm

Gary Nitzkin September 11th, 2006 No Comments

The New York Law Journal reports that a New York law firm sent debt collection letters in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.. If the law firm is found liable, it could be made to pay damages of 1 percent of its net worth plus attorneys ‘fees. Apparently, the firm is accused of [...]

IRS Begins Debt Recovery Program with Private Collectors today

Gary Nitzkin September 5th, 2006 No Comments

USA Today reports that the Internal Revenue Service has begun its tax recovery program with private debt collectors. The IRS states that it is doing all that it can to protect taxpayer rights and privacy. However, one should note that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, an act designed to curb such abuses, does NOT [...]

Remember – The standard is the LEAST Sophisticated Debtor

Gary Nitzkin September 4th, 2006 No Comments

I am amazed at collection agencies that try to get creative with the collection letters. After all, the FDCPA provides safe harbor language to include in a demand letter. When collection agencies avoid this safe harbor, they usually get Pearl Harbored. Take, for instance,

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