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The best way to build a lawyer’s website…JUSTIA

Gary Nitzkin June 24th, 2007 Comments Off

I just had to say thank you to my friends at Justia. Their founder founded FINDLAW, and then went on to build law firm websites. I built my original website back in 1995 and personally maintained it until 2006. Last year, I decided to turn the reigns over to Justia. It was one of the [...]

Free Desktop search software for Dennis Kennedy Blog subscribers

Gary Nitzkin May 24th, 2006 No Comments

I am a big fan of Dennis Kennedy and his blog.  I personally had the pleasure of meeting Dennis at the American Bar Association Tech Show in April of 2006.  Dennis gave several presentations about different aspects of technology including advice about how to set up a blog and a podcast.  He really turned me [...]

ABA Tech Show was inspiring

Gary Nitzkin April 28th, 2006 No Comments

Last week, I attended the ABA Tech show with my family in Chicago.  It was my first time to a Techshow and the amount of information presented was overwhelming.  I learned a great deal.  Some of my favorite speakers were Dennis Kennedy, a lawyer and tech guru who spoke about many subjects including podcasting.  Dennis [...]

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